Tuition and Fees

Registration Fees/ Tuition Rates effective August 2022

Registration Fees:

  • There is no fee to go on the waiting list
  • Annual Registration Supply and Materials Fee = $175.00 per child
  • Class Funds: $40.00 per child – (Covers class parties, staff holiday lunches, teacher and teacher assistant Christmas gifts).
  • Technology Fee $16
  • Class T- Shirts: $10.00 per shirt (Friday Red class T- shirt day)
    • Total = $241.00* (Non- refundable and due at time of enrollment. Includes ONE T-Shirt, Does not include Cot Sheet for EC1/ EC2.

Weekly Tuition Rates:

(Annual Administrative Fee of $30.00 applied to first account debit)

Infant Program: $250.00 per week

Infants must be 2 months old, in good health and have received all required immunizations.*breastfed babies should be able to use bottles while at school

One Year Old Program: $250.00 per week

Toddlers must be at least 1 year of age, off bottles, walking and developmentally ready for the toddler room.

Two Year Old Program: $250.00 per week

Children must be at least 2 years of age and developmentally ready for the 2 year old room.

For more information contact Susan Hoch, St. Paul’s Children’s Center Director at

727-822-3481 x18 or

*All Fees and Rates are subject to change


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