2 Registration Packet_Required Forms 2022-2023

Registration Packet-Required Student Forms Checklist:

____ Child Enrollment Record

____ Emergency Medical Release (must be notarized)

____ Infant/Toddler Health & Development Questionnaire (Infants & One-year-Olds Only)

____ Written Plan for Infants (Infants Only)

____ Child Health and Development Questionnaire (Two-Year-Olds Only)

____ Copy of Birth Certificate (New Students Only)

____ Current Certificate of Immunizations Form (receive a copy from your pediatrician)

____ School Entry Health Exam Form (receive a copy from your pediatrician)

____ Promotional Media Release

____ Food Experience Permission Form

____ Influenza Virus Parent Acknowledgement “The Flu Guide for Parents” (Every Sept.)

____ Distracted Driver Signature Form (Every Sept. and April)

____ Parent Handbook Acknowledgement Form ( on final page of Handbook)


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